Why Music Addicted?

   I have no musical training whatsoever. I have only my two ears, my common sense and my personal preference. Is it enough? I have never received musical training. I was only a normal pupil during my school years that sang in a choir. This is pretty much all my formal connection to music.

    Then, can it be considered haughtiness writing about music? I really do hope not. Because I do not play the part of the connaisseur. I am who I am, a chatterbox  with a humongous appetite for music.

    I am not stuck on a particular genre and I have no one single album I prefer. I have only favourite songs. Of course, I have favourite singers, composers or bands. I like to joke that if Picasso had his periods, I have had my periods, too. The oldest that I remember is ”Celion Dion Period”. ” Evanescence Period”. ”Garou Period” – and so on and so forth – followed. There are a few genres, though that I am not so keen about. As I said, it is a matter of taste.

   The language of the songs does not matter. I am a fan of K-Pop/ K-Rock, J-Rock. Spanish? Taiwanese? Chinese? Name a language and I probably have a song I like in that language. I used to prefer some songs just because they said beautiful things. In time I discovered that a song can convey so many feelings, even if I do not understand a word.

   I turn to music when I am happy, when I am sad. I have a song for every mood. I have a song for every person that matters or used to matter in my life. That’s why, probably, I was named by one of my friends a You Tube junkie. Because You Tube is the largest library in the world I can turn to. I used to, at least. Before they began to irritate me with all that advertising. And deleting videos/ blocking accounts…(OK, I understand they need money, they are not a charity society, but they became greedy.)  For this blog, I shall use You Tube, though, because it is the most accessible for everyone all over the world. (As if I suppose hat this blog will be read. Maybe it will! )


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